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Gauges, Inches and Millimeters

Piercing affectionados probably found themselves this situation once: you talk with people from a different continent and suddenly fifty percent of your audience does not understand the size of your jewelry.

How large are 00ga? Is a quarter of an imperial inch too small for your nipples?

Dehnstab, 6mm A stretching taper of 6mm, which is 1ga or 0.289 inch.

Here is the answer

Actually most gauge/inch tables in the world wide web differ in some sizes here and there and do not give a clear image of the real gauge sizes. I found this website that uses these two diameter calculations:

dn (in) = 0.005 in × 92(36-n)/39


dn (mm) = 0.127 mm × 92(36-n)/39

Most results come very close to those in other tables.

Gauge Millimeters Imperial/US Inch Inch in fractions
38ga 0.15875mm 0.00626in 1/160"
37ga 0.168671875mm 0.0045in
36ga 0.13mm 0.005in
35ga 0.142mm 0.0056in
34ga 0.16mm 0.0063in
33ga 0.18mm 0.0071in
32ga 0.2mm 0.008in
31ga 0.226mm 0.0089in
30ga 0.25mm 0.01in
29ga 0.287mm 0.0113in
28ga 0.32mm 0.0162in
27ga 0.361mm 0.0142in
26ga 0.404mm 0.0159in
25ga 0.455mm 0.0179in
24ga 0.51mm 0.02in
23ga 0.58mm 0.023in
22ga 0.64mm 0.025in
21ga 0.71mm 0.028in
20ga 0.81mm 0.032in
19ga 0.91mm 0.036in
18ga 1.02mm 0.04in
17ga 1.14mm 0.045
16ga 1.291mm 0.051in
15ga 1.45mm 0.057in
14ga 1.63mm 0.064in
13ga 1.83mm 0.072in
12ga 2.06mm 0.081in
11ga 2.31mm 0.091in
10ga 2.59mm 0.102in
8ga 3.264mm 0.128in 1/8"
7ga 3.969mm 0.156in 5/32"
6ga 4.115mm 0.162in 13/64"
5ga 4.763mm 0.178in 3/16"
4ga 5.189mm 0.204in 13/64"
2ga 6.544mm 0.258in 1/4"
0ga 8.251mm 0.325in 5/16in
00ga 9.266mm 0.365in
- 9.525mm 0.375in 3/8"
000ga 10.41mm 0.410in
- 11.11mm 0.428in 7/16"
0000ga 11.684mm 0.460in 13/32"
00000ga 31.1mm 0.517in 7/16"
000000ga 15/32"
000000ga 1/2"
- 14.3mm 0.563in 9/16"
- 14.3mm 0.563in 9/16"
- 15.9mm 0.625in 5/8"
- 17.5mm 0.688in 11/16"
- 19.1mm 0.75in 3/4"
- 20.6mm 0.813in 13/16"
- 22.2mm 0.875in 7/8"
- 23.8mm 0.9375in 15/16"
- 25.4mm 1.0in 1"
- 26.9875mm 1.0625in 1 1/16"
- 28.575mm 1.125in 1 1/8"
- 30.1625mm 1.1875in 1 3/16"
- 31.75mm 1.25in 1 1/4"
- 33.3375mm 1.3125in 1 5/16"
- 34.925mm 1.375in 1 3/8"
- 36.5125mm 1.4375in 1 7/16"
- 38.1mm 1.5in 1 1/2"
- 39.6875mm 1.5625in 1 9/16"
- 41.275mm 1.625in 1 5/8"
- 44.45mm 1.75in 1 3/4"
- 47.625mm 1.875in 1 7/8"
- 50.8mm 2in 2"

Sources (warning: with different gauge sizes at some points):

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There we go. Now you know the size of your piercings and your stretching tapers you need.
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