Package ikrs.util

Interface Summary
Command This interface should be used to implement the inner representation of parsed commands.
CommandFactory<C extends Command> This is a factory class to create Command instances.
CustomLogger The custom logger interface wraps the general Logger method to make logging more customizable.
Environment<K,V> The Environment interface prepares a data structure for nested data environments.
EnvironmentFactory<K,V> This interface specifies a basic environment factory.
LogHandler This is a very abstract summary for the java.util.logging.Handler class.
MapFactory<K,V> This is a simple map factory interface.
ObjectWithUUID This is a very small interface for all objects that are associated with an UUID.
Path<T> A path is an abstract sequence of tokens that is usually used to address an item inside a tree.

Class Summary
AbstractCommandFactory<C extends Command>  
AbstractCommandLine<C extends Command>  
ByteArrayComparator A very simple byte array comparator.
CRLFLineReader This class can be used to read clean CR-LF (0xD, 0xA) line feeded text.
DefaultCustomLogger The custom logger interface wraps the general Logger method to make logging more customizable.
DefaultEnvironmentFactory<K,V> This is the default environment factory; it creates DefaultEnvironments.
EnvironmentDelegation<K,V> The EnvironmentDelegation class is a wrapper for anonymous environments.
FileExtensionKeyMap<V> As there is a small issue mapping file extensions in different styles; if you store a file extension ".txt" to this map (key) looking up ".TXT" or "txt" won't retrieve the mapped value if using a regular String orientated map.
HexDumpOutputStream A simple hexadecimal dump class as an OutputStream.
KeyValuePair<K,V> A very simple key-value-pair implementation.
KeyValueStringPair This class was once located in ikrs.http.datatype package.
ListPathAdapter<T> The ListPathAdapter class is a generalized java.util.List based path implementation.
MapDelegation<K,V> The map delegation has a (previously passed) core map and all Map's method calls will be directly forwarded to the core map.
MIMEType This is a simple MIME type implementation.
ModelBasedMapFactory<K,V> This is a simple model based map factory implementation.

Exception Summary
UnknownCommandException This is a small error class to wrap error messages respective unknown (user-entered) text commands.