Package ikrs.httpd.resource

Interface Summary

Class Summary
BufferedResource There are cases when it is not predictable how many bytes a data source will produce until the input stream has reached EOF.
FileSystemResourceAccessor The FileSystemResourceAccessor is the default implementation of ResourceAccessor that handles requests to the document root respective to the file system (the document root is part of the file system).
HypertextAccessHandler This class reads and processes the .htaccess and .htpasswd configuration for resource access.
InterruptableResource The interruptable resource does not refer to Thread interruption, but to a Resource that allows to stop the read process at a random point, then resuming it (after the last read byte) and telling the observer the read process would be at byte position 0 (adjusting the old length value, off course).
ProcessableResource Processable resources represent system processes that generate any output which will be used as the Resource's output data.
RangedResource The RangedResource class is a wrapper class that allows to 'cut off' some bytes at the beginning and/or at the end of an existing resource.
ReplacingResource The ReplacingResource extends the BufferedResource and applies a replacement map on the underlying stream.
ResourceDelegation The ResourceDelegation is an abstract wrapper class that holds an internal Resource instance.